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I am going to share with you the PDF copy of Trueman’s elementary biology for NEET. You can download this ebook free of cost. To download Trueman Biology pdf for Class 11th and 12th, you should read this post till the end.

In this post, I’ll be talking about each and every aspect of Trueman’s Biology PDF. Whether you should buy it and if it is helpful for your examination or not. You’ll get a clear picture in your mind after going through this article. So, let us start our Review and at the end of the post, you will be getting trueman elementary biology vol 1 PDF as well as trueman elementary biology vol 2 PDF.

Trueman’s Biology Book Introduction

The book Titled Trueman elementary Biology For Class 11th and 12th is a masterpiece of Biology. This book is jointly written by Mr. M.P. Tyagi and K.N. Bhatia. Trueman’s Biology book PDF is mainly for class 11th and 12th students of PCB stream. Trueman is a very famous publication which is expert in publishing various books related to academics as well as competitive examination.

Contents of this Book

Trueman’s Biology Book PDF is published in two volumes namely:-

  • Trueman Elementary Biology Vol 1:- This book contains all the chapters of Class 11th Biology.
  • Trueman’s Elementary Biology Vol 2:- This book contains all the chapters of Class 12th Biology.
trueman biology class 11 pdf
Trueman elementary Biology for Class 11th pdf
trueman biology class 12 pdf
Trueman’s elementary biology for class 12th pdf

This book is used as a supplementary or reference book of Biology by the students. However, your main textbook is NCERT Biology only. This book can be used for both theory and questions. Many of Students prefer theory of this book while some of them purchase it for question practice.

Difficulty Level of Trueman’s Biology Book

As compared to the NCERT Biology books, the difficulty level of Trueman’s Elementary Biology is quite high. If you have gone through NCERT textbooks, then you can easily compare their difficulty level.

All the contents of this book is given in detail, covering NCERT topic as well as some additional topics in-depth. A lots of examples (more than NCERT books) are given for your Clear understanding. Additional topics are given mainly for those students who are preparing for their NEET, AIIMS examinations.

Examinations Covered

First of all, I want to make you clear that Trueman’s Biology book class 11th and 12th is NOT designed for BOARD students. If you are preparing only for your Intermediate board examination, then you should only stick to your NCERT textbooks not Trueman’s Elementary Biology Book PDF! NCERT books are more than sufficient for board exams.

So, you can use Trueman’s Biology book PDF for other examinations like NEET, AIIMS, JIPMER (Now all are combined) and olympiads. I am strictly saying, this book is not recommended for boards.

Biography of Mr. M.P. Tyagi

Mr. M Tyagi is an ex-professor at Arya college situated in Ludhiana, Punjab, India.

He is the former Head of Zoology Department at Arya college ( NAAC accredited grade A) Ludhiana.

He has been very active in teaching line for many years and with the help of his colleague Mr. K.N Bhatia he took his luck in writing books for higher secondary level.

And that was the turning point of his life, Trueman’s Biology book for NEET proved a great hit. It became very famous among students preparing for medical entrances.

Salient features of Trueman’s Elementary Biology Book

  • This book covers the topics from very basic level to advance level. So If you are totally unaware of any topic, then you can start your preparation right from this book.
  • This book is quite helpful from the competition point of view especially for NEET preparation.
  • You will love the diagrams of this book because of extensive labelling than NCERT. And you know diagrams play an important part in any biology examination.
  • Every chapter consists of almost 250 to 300 MCQ which is more than enough for practice.
  • This book caters the need for your knowledge about life sciences. A very good reference book to understand the topics clearly.
  • Objective as well as subjective questions along with its solution is also given in this book. Thus, making it a self reading guide.

Drawbacks of Trueman Biology textbook

  • Each volume of Trueman’s elementary biology book PDF is very thick (Approx 1000 pages per volume). So, It takes a lots of time to complete the book.
  • Many examples are given for a single topic which is more than required. Literally, the contents of topics are deliberately made lengthy.
  • The font of Trueman’s Biology pdf for NEET is very small. Thus, Many students find it difficult to read.
  • Additional topics beyond NCERT Biology are also given which distract the students from their path of board preparation.
  • Sometime it creates a frustration for students to give some much time only for biology. They also have Physics and Chemistry to prepare!
  • If you are not consistent in your studies, then this book would be a wastage of money. This book requires consistent reading every day.

Conclusion Of Review

Use Trueman’s Elementary Biology book only to clear your doubts when stuck in a particular topic of NCERT Biology.

Also,keep this book for practising question rather than reading it.

By Review Team of Yourexampdf

Video Review Of Trueman Biology Book

Youtube Video Review of Trueman’s Biology

Trueman Biology Amazon Buy Link

Trueman’s biology book is very thick. So the price is also going to very high. For each volume of Trueman’s Biology, you may have to spend around ₹750. Hence, the total cost for Trueman’s Biology set of 2 volumes will incur ₹1500.

Below is the Trueman’s Elementary Biology Book Amazon And Flipkart Buy links-

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Trueman Elementary Biology – Vol 2 For Class 12Buy From Amazon
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Trueman Biology App – Original PDF available to read

If you are searching for Trueman biology Class 11 and 12 to read online in ebook version, then you can read it free of cost. Follow these steps to know how to read Trueman’s elementary Biology :-

  • Firstly you will have to buy a hard copy of Trueman’s Elementary Biology book Latest Edition 2022.
  • On the back of cover page you will find the ACTIVATION CODE of Trueman’s Biology ebook.
  • Then for this activation key to work, you will have to download PEDAGOGY APP in you mobile.
  • After that Open pedagogy app and register youself, and put the activation code upon selecting Trueman’s elementary biology from the list there.
  • Now enjoy the free ebook of trueman.
  • Please note that Trueman’s elementary biology google books are not available. You can read it only on website – pedagogy. study

In case you don’t want to purchase the hard copy of Trueman’s Biology, I’ll be giving you the download link of Trueman’s Biology. But remember, that would be a scanned version. You may not be able to fully enjoy it.

Hence, I would suggest you to please honour the hard work of Dr. M.P. Tyagi, and go for the hard copy of Trueman’s Biology.

Bibliography Of Trueman’s Biology

Book NameTrueman’s Elementary Biology
No. of volumesSet of 2 volumes
Published ByTrueman Book Company
Written ByM.P Tyagi and K.N. Bhatia
No. of pages1500 approx
Useful ForNEET and Boards
PDF Size1.5 GB/volume
Saved OnGoogle Drive

Trueman’s Biology PDF – Download link

Upon surfing over the internet, I have found some scanned versions of Trueman’s Biology vol 1 and vol 2 on google drive.

I would be providing you the google drive link of Trueman biology pdf but remember this file is Extremely large in size around 1.5 GB for each Volume.

You might get exhausted of your internet data. So, please download only if you have a fast internet plan.

Trueman Biology Notes Class 11 Coming soon
Trueman Biology Notes Class 12Coming soon

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FAQ About Trueman Biology PDF

Is Trueman Biology in Hindi available?

No. Trueman publishes its Biology books in English language only.

Is Trueman Elementary Biology Compulsory for cracking NEET?

Trueman’s Biology is just a reference book which you can use it to clear your doubts. There are lots of unnecessary topics given in it. So, It is not compulsory to buy trueman, instead of this you can stick to NCERT Biology.

How to download Trueman’s Biology Book?

Just visit the website and search there for trueman tag. click on it. The post will open. scroll down to the end of post. you will get the links.

Is Trueman’s Biology recommended for board examinations?

No. Trueman Biology book is very thick. It consumes a lots of time to be completed. Boards always ask questions from NCERT only. Hence Trueman is not recommended for Boards.

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