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Download free ebook of NEET most wanted chemistry PDF by Dr. Anurag Pareek latest edition for NEET 2022:

A very warm welcome to all the NEET aspirants who have come through this post. I know you all have arrived at this post searching for the free PDF of NEET most wanted chemistry book.

You’ll be pleased to know that in this post, I have shared the download links of NEET most wanted chemistry PDF. But before that let’s have a look on its review.

NEET most wanted chemistry Review

NEET most wanted chemistry book is authored by Anurag Pareek along with his friend Dr. Aryan Raj singh, is a revision book which helps the students to achieve good marks in less time with less effort.

Neet most wanted chemistry cover page
Cover page of NEET most wanted chemistry PDF

On the basis of in-depth analysis by AIIMS toppers, Anurag Pareek and his toppers circle has helped to compile this book. This book will provide you the most relevant topics of chemistry which is a must to read before NEET examination to boost your score in less time.

Contents of this book

This book is prepared following the syllabus of NEET chemistry. You will find the important topics of all the section of Chemistry whether it is be organic, physical or inorganic chemistry.

Snapshot of  ch-8 from NEET most wanted chemistry book pdf
Snapshot of ch-8 from NEET most wanted chemistry book

This book completely follows the text of NCERT class 11th and 12th Chemistry. So, you don’t have to worry, noting is outside of your NEET syllabus. NEET most wanted chemistry PDF will always help you to be on the track of your preparation.

Difficulty level

Talking about the difficulty level of this book, then I must say that you need not to worry about that. This book covers only the important sections of NEET chemistry which have high chances of coming in the NEET question paper.

So I must say, the difficulty level of NEET most wanted chemistry PDF is not that much. You can tackle it easily during your examination days.

Examinations covered

As the name of the book suggest ‘NEET most wanted’, then obviously it is going to be a soul of NEET. So, this book is helpful for aspirants of pre medical examination especially NEET.

However, those students who are preparing for their NET examination also reviews this book as useful. Since it is covering the syllabus of chemistry for class 11th and 12th. Hence, board students can also use it for their objective question practice.

Chapters included in NEET most wanted chemistry PDF

The ‘content and chapter analysis table’ which is featured below contains the names of chapters, their revision ratings and chapter weightage so that NEET aspirants can better manage thier time on revision.

Below is the list of chapters included in this chemistry revision book:-

Index of neet most wanted chemistry book
Index of NEET most wanted chemistry PDF

How can this book help you

  1. NEET most wanted is based on 80/20 Pareto’s principle which says that 80% of result comes from 20% of the effort. Also past five years analysis shows that 80% of the NEET questions comes from 20% topics. Which means that you can score high in less time with less effort through most wanted.
  2. By following 80/20 rule, NEET most wanted focuses on only 20% of the topics which will give you 80% result or 576 marks in NEET.
  3. NEET most wanted is designed in such a way that you can easily cover all chapters in just 45 days.
  4. NEET Replica, which covers the most probable questions for NEET is also given.
  5. SCAN – (Special Cases Asked in NEET) for the topics frequently asked in NEET.

Problems resolved by this book

This book helps the students to resolve the following core problems encountered during their NEET preparation:-

  • Lagging behind the time
  • Not aware of what is important for NEET
  • Confusion b/w lots of practice material for NEET
  • Lengthy course to be revised for NEET
  • Last moment pressure

Drawbacks of this book

  1. It doesn’t provide much questions to practice.
  2. There are a lots of printing mistakes in the book.
  3. Many topics are missing from this textbook. Eg- Limiting reagent
  4. You can’t be fully dependent on this book for your 360° preparation.

Star Ratings

neet most wanted chemistry review
Amazon review of NEET most wanted chemistry

Video Review of NEET most wanted chemistry PDF

Youtube review of NEET most wanted chemistry

Conclusion of the review

This book is for concise revision of important topics only. If you are getting frustrated frequently and don’t have enough time left for your preparation, then use this book. It’ll let you qualify but not top the exam!

Book Information

Book NameNEET most wanted chemistry
Written byAnurag Pareek
Published byAltis vortex
Useful forNEET
PDF size5 MB / chapter

Download Links

To download the free ebook of NEET most wanted chemistry PDF, please click the google link buttons given below:-

Download NEET most wanted Chemistry PDF for free

FAQ about NEET most wanted chemistry PDF

What is the price of NEET most wanted chemistry book?

As per the price data, the latest edition of neet most wanted chemistry pdf costs around Rs.313

Should I be dependent on NEET most wanted chemistry book?

Let me tell you, this book is just a revision book of chemistry for NEET. Many topics are cropped and only important ones are given. Thus, you should not be dependent on it.

Which is better – NEET most wanted OR MTG Fingertips?

Obviously, I would say that MTG NCERT at Fingertips is a real authentic practice book for NEET. It is much better than NEET most wanted series books.

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