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Hello friends, today we are going to review a very famous revision book named as NEET most wanted Biology . We’ll be talking about all pros and cons that will make you clear everything about this book and at the end of the post we will provide relevant download links for NEET most wanted biology book pdf.

Book Review – NEET most wanted Biology PDF

NEET most wanted Biology book is authored by Dr. Aryan Raj and Dr. Pooja Vyas. This is actually not a textbook rather you can call it last minute revision book!

NEET most wanted biology book By Dr. aryan Raj Singh

In this book, all chapters of class 11th and 12th Biology are given. However, you will find only relevant topics in it. Many topics has been deliberately skipped to make it exam oriented.

Contents in this book

This book covers the whole syallabus of Class 11th and 12th Biology. You will find each and every chapter of NCERT Biology here. Let us have a look to its index.

Neet most wanted biology chapter list

Difficulty level

This book is very easy to solve. It is totally NCERT oriented. Hence the difficulty level of NEET most wanted biology book is negligible.

For you easy revision of chapters in just 45 days, this book has cropped many topics of NCERT. Thus, focusing only on those topics which have a high frequency to appear in the NEET exam paper.

Examinations covered

This book is prepared solely for the aspirants of NEET examination. It is totally focused on Pre medical entrances. You can also use it for your olympiad examinations.

Who is Dr. Aryan Raj Singh

Dr Aryan Raj Singh is the author of amazon bestseller book ‘NEET most wanted biology’ PDF. He is currently pursuing MBBS degree from AIIMS New Delhi (2017-22)

He secured all India rank 9 in NEET 2017 with 690 marks out of 720. He has also achieved 96.2% in CBSE boards.

He belongs to Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. He started his NEET preparation from Akash Institute, Delhi and currently he is a doctor of Pulmonary, critical care at AIIMS Delhi.

He is the most active guy on quora where he periodically quenches the thirst of NEET aspirants. He also runs a youtube channel of his name having a subscriber base of around 3.50 lakh.

Features of NEET most wanted biology book

  • Numerous flowcharts are given to tackle the concepts.
  • Revision rating of each chapter is given in the index page. Based on which, you can plan your revision.
  • Weightage percent for every chapter is given to make you understand the worth of that particular chapter in NEET.
  • Past 5 years question are also included.
  • A series of 1500 ques. having NCERT fillup, matching type, NCERT replica and image based questions are there.

Drawbacks of this book

  • Most of the questions are copied from the book of Arihant and MTG.
  • There are numerous misprints and blank pages in the hard copy.
  • The quality of paper is also poor.
  • Many NCERT points & diagrams are missing.
  • It is also very expensive.

Video Review of NEET most wanted Biology book

Dr. Aryan singh featuring his own book NEET most wanted Biology latest edition

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Conclusion of the review

Use this book for last minute revision purpose only, NOT as a main text book for NEET.

Book Information

Book NameNEET most wanted Biology
Written byDr. Aryan Raj singh
Published byAltis Vortex
Useful forNEET
Pages580 pages
PDF Size3 MB/chapter

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