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Download Dr. Ali Objective Biology for NEET Latest Edition 2021-22 PDF for Class 11 and 12.

Dear visitors, I am very pleased to see you here. Today, I’ll be reviewing the BEST BIOLOGY BOOK FOR NEET 2022 which is none other than Dr. Ali Biology PDF.

You’ll get all the required information and suggestions regarding Dr. Ali Biology Book for NEET and I’ll be sharing a link with you from where you can download Dr. Ali Biology PDF absolutely free. So, let us start our review.

Dr. Ali Biology Book Introduction

Dr. Ali’s Biology popularly known with the name of AN EXCEL FILE OF NEET is a practice book containing objectives questions for NEET.

With the theme of “NCERT ko kar lo muthhi me”, Dr. Ali’s Biology Book PDF presents a special focus on NCERT topics curated for NEET aspirants. This book is holding a strong position in the market since its launch.

The main factor contributing to its stable position among NEET aspirants is the composition of all types of questions from easy one to brainstorming. Thus, preparing you for the next level of competition.

Content in this book

Dr. Ali’s Biology book covers the whole syllabus of Class 11th and 12th. Thus, this book has namely two volumes:-

  1. Dr. Ali Biology volume 1 :- The very first volume of this book contains all the chapter pertaining to class 11th Biology.
  2. Dr. Ali’s Biology Volume 2 :- This volume contains the whole syllabus of Class 12th Biology.
Dr. Ali Biology PDF for NEET vol 1 class 11
Dr. Ali Biology PDF vol 1 for class 11th
Dr. Ali Biology PDF for NEET vol 2 class 12
Dr. Ali Biology PDF vol 2 for class 12th

Difficulty Level

The level of difficulty of Dr. Ali’s Biology pdf for NEET can be determined by the fact that from each chapter approx 300-350 quality questions are presented.

When you analyse its exercise, you’ll find different types of typical questions belonging to Matrix type, Matching type, Fill in the blanks type and more than one correct option type.

To solve this book at your fullest, you should have an in-depth knowledge of each chapter. Otherwise you’ll face much difficulty solving them.

Examinations covered

Dr. Ali’s Biology book was created keeping the view of PMT examinations. But due to recent changing in the syllabus and pattern of medical entrances, It has been updated to give a momentum to your NEET preparation.

This book can also be used by Board students who are willing to appear in NEET, but this book is not suitable for board examinations as it doesn’t cover any subjective question.

Who is Dr. Ali Akhtar

Dr. Ali Akhtar (a former lecturer in S.T. college Katihar, Bihar) is a well known name in the world of teaching his subject in the Indian states of Bihar, Jharkhand and West Bengal.

Not for the matters and the contents but also for motivating his pupil to create a special urge and drive for PMT training (NEET,AIIMS).

His long experiences and understanding the psychology of his pupils gives special impetus in achieving his targets comparatively in surer way than most of the people contemporary to him in their field.

He himself has been able to create a number of innovating projects to make learning easy and effective.

Dr. Ali Biology Classes Patna

Dr. Ali belongs to Patna where he teaches Biology in his institute. Apart from this, he also guides NEET aspirants in Kolkata. Below is the address given:-


Pratima Complex, Naya Tola, Patna ,Bihar, India, PIN-800004 Mob- 9934805238 / 6202777078


147, C.R. Avenue, Kolkata – 700007 Ph- 033-22707655 / 9903994240

Dr. Ali Biology Book Review

Now, I am going to review every pros and cons of Dr. Ali’s Biology book for NEET by which you’ll get the whole idea of this book. This will help you to decide wheter to work on this book or not. All your confusions will be gone by the end of this post.

Special Features of Dr. Ali Biology PDF

  • Every type of questions from EASY to MODERATE and even DIFFICULT questions are covered in this book.
  • Dr. Ali Biology book for NEET PDF gives you next level of preparation by twisting the language of question.
  • It is designed as per the latest format of NEET, considering the competitiveness level.
  • Ample no. Of questions are there(300-350 from each chapter) for your 360° preparation.
  • This book is totally based on NCERT class 11th and 12th Biology Textbook. Only 10-15% questions are outside of NCERT.

Drawbacks of Dr. Ali Biology PDF for class 11 and 12

  • No explantion is given in this book. Only answer key is there. Thus, you might get stuck at some of the hardest questions.
  • You’ll encounter objective questions only. There is no subjective question. Hence, your board preparation is incomplete with this book.
  • The font of the book should be somewhat larger than the current size for better reading experience.
  • There should a short summary of each chapter before every exercise. So that before attempting questions you may revise the chapter.
  • The layout of the page is NOT appealing.

Dr. Ali Biology Book Ratings

Ratings of Dr. Ali Biology Book
Dr. Ali Biology book for NEET review by amazon customers

Video Review of Dr. Ali Biology Book

Youtube video review of Dr. Ali Biology book for NEET PDF

Conclusion of Review

Dr. Ali’s Biology is a must to do book. It gives you the exposure to the way different questions can be asked from Biology. Extremely helpful book to boost your marks.

Book Information

Book name Dr. Ali Objective Biology
Written By Dr. Ali Akhtar
Published By SASA Publication
No. of volumes set of 2 volumes
Useful for NEET
Pages 1131 approx
PDF Size 55 MB/vol
Saved on Mega App

Download Link

I am providing you the direct link to download Dr. Ali Biology book for NEET PDF for class 11th and 12th. Please note that we are NOT hosting this file on our servers rather we are providing you the links already present over internet. so, if the file will not be accessible then it will not be our responsibility.

We honour the hard work of Dr. Ali. Therefore, we are requesting you to please buy the physical copy of this book from your local book store.

Download Dr. Ali Biology Class 11 PDF

Download Dr. Ali Biology Class 12 PDF

Purchase link of Dr. Ali Biology


Dr. Ali Objective Biology Book Vol 1+2 Buy From Amazon
Dr. Ali Objective Biology Book Vol 1+2 Buy From Flipkart

Dr. Ali Biology app

Dr. Ali Biology app is available on Playstore. You can download it from there any enjoy all the live classes of Dr. Ali Akhtar at comfort of your home.

Snapshot of Dr. Ali Biology app on Playstore

If you are interested to check the demo of Dr. Ali Biology Classes then please watch the video of Dr. Ali given below:-

Human Reproduction lecture by Dr. Ali

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FAQ about Dr. Ali Biology PDF

Is Dr. Ali Biology good for NEET?

Yes. Dr. Ali’s Biology is a cornerstone book for your NEET preparation. The questions given in the book will revise all your NCERT concepts along with some extra concepts that you are taught in your coaching.

Is Dr. Ali Biology book PDF available in Hindi?

No, Dr. Ali’s Biology book is in English language only. There is no such PDF in Hindi language.

Which books are best for NEET Dr. Ali or Trueman?

For the theory part, Trueman’s Biology is preferred while Dr. Ali’s Biology Book is best for practising questions. However, It is totally your choice to work on either of the book.

What is the price of Dr. Ali’s Biology book?

Dr. Ali’s Biology set of 2 books will cost you around 500-600 on different online stores. This price is lower than the others practice books in this category. So, you can easily afford it.

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